"LOCAL SHARE" and multiuser Paradox databases

When my Delphi application runs on the computer which has the database
on a local disk, the application doesn't do record locking properly
(yes I have NETDIR set and I use aliases to make sure all instances
of the app point to the same database).  When the application is
run from two client computers (which access the Paradox database via
the networked filesystem), the two instances of the application do perform
locking properly (editing a record in one instance does lock out a
user trying to edit the same record on the other computer).

I read in another note on this group that using BDECFG setting "LOCAL SHARE"
true on the "server" computer will solve this problem.  My question is: is
this the best way to solve this problem?  Won't changing it in
the BDECFG affect all Delphi database applications when it may be only
one application that needs the change?

Is there any way to programmatically (within Delphi) accomplish the
equivalent of setting "LOCAL SHARE" to true in the BDECFG application?

Better yet, is there some BDE function that will cause my application
(running on the server computer) to honor locks made by applications on
client computers without affecting other applications running on the server


John Garnett
John Garnett