Suggestion: don't net-reply to or copy the title-line of "spam" messages

Now that the same folks who bring you junk mail have discovered junk e-mail,
there's still one thing you can do to reduce the amount of junk traffic they

   (1)  Ignore them.  Yes, completely.  Don't reply; don't tell them how pissed
        off you are; don't tell them how inappropriate their message is.  They know
        and they don't care.

   (2)  Especially do not reply to a "spam" message to the same newsgroup list
        it may have been posted to, and do not copy the "title" line of the message.
        Each one of your replies, and the replies to THAT, etc, are simply re-
        broadcasting at least the title of the message over the course of several
        days or weeks.  That's a lot of free advertising coverage.  Furthermore, the
        spam-author might be catching your e-mail address for further, personal

   (3)  Whenever a "real" discussion thread pops up, participate.  Keep the
        signal-to-noise ratio of a discussion group high.  It is unfortunate that, if
        you measure the number of "spam" messages vs. "real" messages that
        get replies, "spam" is currently quite a bit higher.