Soundblaster Development Kit woes/ trasparent colors?

I just got the public version of the SB16 Dev kit, and whenever I try to
compile a .PAS file, I get a unit error with TP6SBKX.TPU . (in TP6.0) Any
advice?  I use:  
"tpc /B democd.pas /$G+"  

If anyone has the included DOC files in plain TXT, i'd love to get them as
I don't have Microsoft Word for Windows.

Ok, when you getimage, it nabs the color behind the image. Is there any way
to make (thru assembly of other) a "transparent" color that would allow
graphics in the behind to show through?

For instance, if you had a doughnut shape, you would want the hole to be
"clear" for the background to be seen through.

I've seen this in a lot of demo files, but I really don't understand them
as none of them are documented in any way.