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 In> I it possible to create your own .TPH files ?
 In> if yes, how ??

 In> I Cannot spend much time online, so please, please if you have an
 In> answer to my problem, mail it to:

 In> Thanx in advance

 In> R. Hulshoff
 In> (A desperate programmer)

Yes! There is a .TPH compiler available (TPHC10A.ZIP) written by Barry
Naujok, which allows you to create TP help files that you can add as part
of your online help. I'm currently adding help for my personal libraries
with it, and the hardest part is writing out the routine explanations and
writing small example snippets. You can do everything from within the IDE
and it is very simple to do.

I don't think the copyright allows using the TPH files in publicly released
libraries though.

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