DB backends: DB2, Interbase, MS SQL, Sybase?

I'm beginning to think that a "backend" database server would be
useful at our site.  Potential hosts could include:

- Sun's Solaris
- NT on an Intel x86 box
- OS/2 on an Intel x86 box
- Netware 4.x

I believe Sybase and DB2 are easily available to us, and the same may
be true for MS SQL Server.  Borland's Interbase is also a possibility.
I'm using Borland's Delphi for the client software.

What are the considerations we should think about?  Based on your
experience or other knowledge, what are the strengths, weaknesses or
other observations that might be relavant in deciding among these or
perhaps other choices?

The things that come to mind for me are:
- Performance under a moderate load (<50 users).
- Platform choice.
- Absense of "gotchas," hidden limitations or incompatibilities
  with client software, OSs, etc.
- Compatibility with recent SQL standard.
- Record locking scheme--discussion pro and con, please.
- Ease of WWW work.
- What else?

This must have been asked before; if it's a dreary topic, I'd much
appreciate your willingness to engate it Yet Again. ;-)


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