Pascal development Jobs

To the Pascal developers community,

DB Scape ( is developing and
maintaining two products formerly owned by DESTIN inc.

We have converted our data base engine to DELPHI but
in "console mode", remaining compatible with FreePascal.
We urgently need help to finish the work:
- terminal interface
- http server (single thread) interface
- optimisation
- some debugging remains
We want also to be running on LINUX as soon as possible.

Afterward, we have plenty of other developments:
- ADAPT (data conversion language) conversion to
  FreePascal / DELPHI
- Japanese version of Seconde
- http spider
- Window interface to ADAPT and Seconde (a 16 bit one
  already exists)
- slicing Seconde and ADAPT in reusable classes
- etc.!!!

The work would be under NT and Linux (parallel versions
will have to be maintained).

The job is full time, permanent (long term). All advantages
offered for "hot" computing projects (car, stock options, etc.)
but with serious "old timers" wanting to make a good job.

We are based in Waterloo, Belgium. We speak English, French,
Dutch and Japanese. Our market is mainly Belgium but also
France, Nederlands, Japan and Canada (for now).

Contract would begin as soon as possible, in june at the
very latest. We can be interested to part time and/or sub-
contracting as supplementary help to the one who would get
this position.

Please spread the word!


Christophe Dupriez