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TTable vs TQuery - Paradox

I just encountered a new issue I was not aware of.

I am using Paradox Tables with both TTable and TQuery.  Apparently, I had an
indexing problem that was not severe enough to throw an error.  The DBGrid
using TTable allowed me to see all records to my knowledge.  However, some
of the records would not appear in the Report generated using TQuery.  I
tried a query in Database Desktop and still could not see the missing
records.  A rebuild using TUtil32, opened it back up and now all records are

Anyone know why this is/was?

Also, does a dPack with DBIDoRestructure do the same as TUtil32.  I have
written a utility to Pack all of the tables in the database to simplify the
rebuild process!


Re:TTable vs TQuery - Paradox

The most likely causes of index corruption are the BDE is not configured
correctly (see TI247B at, application or
workstation crashes and hardware problems (in that order).

You have it backward<g>. A Tutility rebuild does everything that packing the
table does and more. Packing the table does not do everything that Tuiltiity


Bill Todd (TeamB)
(TeamB cannot respond to questions received via email)

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