A question related to Client/Server database application.

A question related to Client/Server database application.

I am using Delphi Client/Server 3.0 for a client/server application to
access Oracle database.
What I did are

1)   Create a server application using Remote Data Module, which
contains objects of
      Provider, Session, Query, Database, and supporting functions.  One
of functions is to
      count the number of clients

2)   Run the server to register it.

3)   Create a Client application, which contains objects of
RemoteServer, ClientDataSet,
      DataSouce, DBGrids, and supporting functions.

      -- Set the "Computer Name" property of RemoteServer to be my
computer name (as a server
          computer) in a local network.

4)   Test the application when both server and client are in my
development computer
      (Operating system - Windows 95).  It works good.

5)   Download DCOM95 from internet and installed it into both server
computer (my development
      computer) and a client computer (another computer).

6)   Using DCOMCNFG to set "Enable Distributed COM on this computer" in
"Default Properties"
      page and "Enable Remote Connection" in "Default Security" Page.

7)   Copy DBClient.DLL to c:\Windows\System in client computer

8)   Run RPCSS.EXE in server computer

9)   Run server application in server computer

10) Run client application in client computer.  The number of clients
increases one for the run.
      That means the client and the server can talk.  The error message
for running the client
      application is "No enough storage available for this operation"

Please help.  Thank you in advance

The University of Missouri and USDA-ARS