Writing OS in PASCAL.

Patrick D. Rockwell wrote in <33A2F668.7...@thegrid.net>...

>I know that this is old news, but about a year ago, there was a thread
>on comp.lang.pascal.borland and other newsgroups called "Write your own
>operating system". In one of the posts, someone posed a reason why you
>might actually want an operating system that uses protected memory as
>Dos does, (for reasons OTHER than maintaining backwards compatiblility)
>instead of just allowing the user to have FULL access to the memory as
>do the 32bit operating system. Dos anyone remember anything like this?

To create ASM code form Pascal code to assembling and put into ROM
you can use fpkPascal
that easily permit to output Pascal program to .ASM file.
This compiler also support optimization for i386 to Pentium pro CPU
and 32 bit extender and much more function.
I forget to say that this program is FREEWARE !!!!!!!.
Yes you understand this program is freeware.

You wrong when you wrote

>As far as I know, the only reason that Dos has protected memory is so
>that it can be used by the 8088 microprocessor. Are there any other
>advantages that protected memory might confere? Thanks.

because the protected mode was a new features of 286 and
PM instructions isn't part of 8088 instructions set.

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