Shut down a ADO database file.

How do I close down the .mdb file so I can
manipulate it at the dos level while my app is
still running? ie. to copy or rename the file?
I have tried to close all of my tables, dataset and set
the to ADOConnection.Close, however the there still exist an
open file with the same name as my mdb file except with
extention ".LDB" I am thinking this is why I can't copy or rename the mdb file. any suggestions?
Thanks M.

Here is some of the code I have tried

AdoTable1.Active := False;
ADOConnection1.KeepConnection := FALSE;
ADOConnection1.Connected := FALSE;
AssignFile(f, 'Databasefilename.mdb');
Rename(f, 'NewName_Databasefilename.mdb');
LocInt := IOResult;
ShowMessage('IOResult: ' + IntToStr(LocInt) + ' ' + sysErrorMessage(LocInt) );

I have left off the AssignFile line so I just made a call to Rename();. I get this error message

"IOResult: 102 The semaphore is set and cannot be closed"

The only code that was change was commenting out the AssignFile line.

Also I have tried the ReNameFile('OldName','NewName'); This returned a boolean value of 0 which means it failed to rename the file as well. any other idea? :)