Detecting which session is making posts ....

  I've written the program that we use to 'pre-process' payroll ...   --
Right now, we're in 5 different buildings (ugh) and there are 3 different
users using the program...  When the program starts (for the remote users),
it goes out to the network and connects to the database on the 'master'
machine ...  Each user has his own session (based on how they signed on ...)

  How do you detect which session makes a post (actually ANY change) to the
database on the 'master' machine?  (using paradox and BDE 5.11?)

  Basically, I'm worried a user is going to 'trip' over another user because
of the way the tables are sorted ...  --  Any help / suggestions appreciated
(please copy to E-mail (home or work) just in case I miss it here on the
news groups ...)



Jason Wallace