Delphi Prefix Registry - The home of Components from around the world !

The Dephi Prefix Registry is now open and Expanding.

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Designed to make life easier for both component user
and developer we register component prefixes and assist
with information on component naming.

The site was created in light of response to an original
posting made by the site author on usenet when component
package naming conflict meant that a wonderful new calendar
component could not be installed in the ide.

We now contain details of many major component developers,
with contact information and web page links.

From one page you can contact Delphi Component Developers
worldwide !!

If you are developing components then you can register
you prefix with us . It will be displayed for all to see
and should help reduce conflicts when naming components.

Visit the site now !!

If there is anything you would like added to the site
then please let us know.

We are grateful to the following for their support :

(FULL Contact Details at the website of course)

HREF Tools Corp (for hosting the site and assistance).
Byte Computer and Software Ltd
ArGo Software Design.
Bob Swart
Marco Cantu
Gerald Nunn
Ray Konopka
David F. Schrader
Acro Technology Inc.
Developers Review & The Delphi Magazine
Eagle Software Inc
Eminent Domain Software
Cordaware Software
ExceleTel Inc.
Tempest Software
The Graphical Gnome
Kalliopi International
Kestral Computing Pty Ltd
Infinity Software Group
Messerschmidt Software Solutions
Nick Hodges - TeamB
Out & About Productions
Object Lessons, INC
Opaque Software
Raize Sofware
RSD Software
R&T software
Reggatta Systems, Inc.
ShazamWare Solutions Inc.
THSD - Timo Hartmann
Top Support
Woll2Woll Software

Apologies if we have missed someone.