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MS Access Zero-Length String Problem, Help?

I trying to solve a problem with a temporaly database i create, and I hope
to find somebody help me.
I create a temporaly tables in an MS-Acces database and then I fill It with
the the result of a TQuery and with a TBatchMove, but in the creation of the
MS-Access table, all Strings fields are set to 'Zero-Length String=False',
so when I export the registers there are Zero-length strings.
And my Questions are?
-Is there any property which let me create the table with this property
-Is there an option in MS-Acces where I can predefine this property always
True in a creation table?
- Or any Idea to Help me?
NOTE: I'm using Delphi 3 C/S and BDE 4.50
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Re:MS Access Zero-Length String Problem, Help?

The answer to both questions is no. This is probably the single most
annoying thing about Access.

Bill Todd
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