Help - Batch Inserts with SQL


I'm returning to that fountain of Delphi Wisdom with yet another request
for information...

Is there a way to perform batch record inserts using SQL?  I'm a total
beginner with SQL, so I don't know all of the available statements.

Here's the background:
I'm using Delphi with MS Access 2.0.  After lots of experimentation, I
determined that the only way to achieve acceptable performance is to use
TQuery objects rather than TTables.  Also, ODBC adds so much overhead,
that I have been forced to avoid executing any SQL queries within loops.

My basic program flow is:

       Read data from database
           Perform Analysis
      Write results to database

To read in the data, I use TQuery objects to execute my SQL SELECT
statements and table joins.  I then loop through the records of the
TQuery objects and create Delphi class instances that correspond to
the data returned by the queries.

After performing the analysis, I need to store the data from my Delphi
objects in database tables.  However, SQL INSERT statements only seem
to work on one record at a time.  Therefore I need to pass SQL
statements to MS Access within a loop.  Performance is very bad.

The SELECT statement can be issued once, and it retrieves multiple
records.  However, the INSERT statement must be executed repeatedly.

Can anyone suggest a better way to do this?  Does SQL have an
alternative to INSERT statements that works with many records at
a time?

BTW, I have looked at Delphi's TBatchMove object, but the destination
can only be a TTable object.  Using TTable objects with ODBC databases
results in terrible performance, so TBatchMove objects won't work.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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