Delphi 3.0 and Multi-Page Tiff and the 'Net'.....

Looking ahead - reading pre-release promo literature....

I'm assuming the built in internet capabilities of the upcoming release
(i've forgotten the correct acronyms - but the layer that allows
processes to signal server apps to dish up data out via the internet)
might allow a call from an application to send a certain file....

I'm contemplating a large nt based graphic/imaging app, in which it
would be advantagous to store 20 imagges relating to one 'individual' in
a multi-page tiff.... but I'd want to SOMEHOW ONLY FETCH via the net the
one page of the file in question  (for obvious bandwith-limited
reasons).  In my current way of think, the client app running on the
workstation would make the graphic call, but it would be assuming
'seeing' the entire multi-paged image file to go to work on.  Guess I'm
wondering if there a server side set of instructions could be 'callable'
from the client.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.. Also, anyone's experience
working with the various graphic libraries out there would also be great

rich pinder
usc school of medicine