(TEAM) INDY : Please Help me !


Could you please confirm (or not) that the following statement is a bug
And how could I fix the problem ?

Using "IdUDPServer.Active:=false" in TidUDPServer when the listening
port is really "bombed" with messages (a few by second), the application

I verified it with a breakpoint and step by step debugging : the
application crashes on IdUDPServer.Active:=false, more precisely in unit
IdUDPBase, procedure TIdUDPBase.SetActive, line CloseBinding;

The only way to avoid the crash when the port is bombed that I found, is
to unplug ethernet cable before closing the IdUDPServer...

Please Help me, Obi Wan TeamIndy, you're my only hope ! :)

Thanks a lot,
Best regards