IPX/SPX problems under DOS using TP

Hello everybody,

I have a problem disconnecting and shutting down SPX connections.
Clients get connected to server and when client wishes to disconnect from
server and shut down SPX connection (including closing socket), system
hangs. As a basis I am using NwTP v0.6 library. (available from
novftp.rc.rug.nl/pmt/ftp/pub/proglibs/). It includes many examples,
but there is none for SPX.

Does anybody have any code that illustrates the usage of SPX
protocol in Turbo Pascal (using interrupt calls)?

And also, does anyone know if there is any newer version of this NwTP

(If someone can answer to my questions, I'll compose small samples pointing
the nature of these problems)


Priidu Paomets  pri...@pld.ttu.ee  http://www.pld.ttu.ee/~priidu
             PLD Laboratory, ECC, TTU, Estonia