Urgent:Another Connection Broken-Re: ISAPI Application with BDE (MS-SQL Server)

I read the following message and find that we have the similar situation,
but no response has been posted,so I try here.

I use D3/NT SP3/IIS 3/SQL 6.5.

I have used sp_configure set the 'remote conn timeout' to 0,which means
keep the connections always.
But after a period of time,I use sp_who and found out the connections
have disppeared, and if I try to request the ISAPI DLL, the annoying
'Connection Broken' message comes out.
If I send a request to the ISAPI server again,things seem back to
'normal',i.e.the connection is built again.
But I use 'select @@connections' in isql/w and find that the connection
number increase and this number doesnot match the connctions number
returned from sp_who.
So every time the 'connection broken' message appear, the @@connections
increase, and finanlly it will exceed the 'user connections' the SQL 6.5
allows, and the 'max dbprocess reach' message come out.

These problems bother me for a long time,and still I cannot find out the

In article <72pja7$qi...@forums.borland.com>,
  "Reto Loser" <Reto.Lo...@checkit.ch.x> wrote:

> I have written diffrent ISAPI application which connect to a MS-SQL
> on a IS4.0 HTTP-Server with the BDE native driver. I'm using Delphi
4.0 and
> the BDE5.0.

> I often get in troubles with my applications and I get errors like

>     Exception: EDBEngineError
>     Meldung: General SQL error. Possible network error: Write to SQL
> Failed. Connection broken.
> or
>     General SQL Error
> or
>     something like ....MAX DB-Process reached

> What I'm doing wrong?? I did use the TSesscon Control within my
> with enabled AutosessionName, KeepConnection and active.
> What I'm not sure is which state the Query and Database-Control shoud
> for the Query1.Property ACTIVE and the Database Property CONNECTED.
> I think I have tested this in diffrent ways and I got still confusing
> errors. The error MAX DB-Process is an error from the BDE and if I
check on
> the SQL-Server I can may see 5 connections .. but never 100 as I have
> configured on the SQL-Server and on the BDE-Driver.

> Any Ideas ???
> Regards Reto Loser

Shantou University,China

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