Use WMStubDRM.lib

2006-01-17 11:17:14 PM
I want to use MS windows media in my Delphi application, but my usage
requires that I use the WMStubDRM.lib. I have retrieved the
WMStubDRM.lib, but AFAIK it is impossible to use a .lib file in Delphi.
So what are my options?
I could code the whole thing in C++, which would be a plus as I
wouldn't have to worry about translating headers to Delphi. Downside
I'm not very good at C++.
But I'd like to do it in Delphi, if it is possible. Translating
headers should be possible using midl on the .idl files from the sdk to
get a tlb file.
Is it possible to somehow just produce a small dll in C++, link the
.idl files and WMStubDRM.lib together and make all the interfaces
available in the .idl file from the sdk?
Any ideas? As you surely have guessed I am a novice on this area so
please be clear :-)
btw this question is also posted on e-e.