Require a Delphi development

2003-11-15 02:01:21 AM
Dear Delphi experts,
I need an extremely simple application and I think it may well take just a
few minutes to a Delphi expert to do it : an executable for Windows which
can be launched without previous installation, and which simply displays a
small rectangle (50 x 50 pixels for example) with a small border, no status
bar nor title, with the color and position (center or corner) of the
rectangle being passed as command line arguments. I wish to be able to run
two such applications simultaneously.
What will I do with that ? I will display red or green flags from VBscript
by simply acting on which of the two applications will be displayed on top
of the other. All executables will be on a auto-running CD-Rom.
It is so simple that I have not been able to find a freeware doing this sort
of thing !
Could anyone help ?
Thank you