[Indy]How to connect to server with pfx file

2004-04-11 11:18:18 AM
Firstly, I don't understand how https(ssl) works. Though, with Indy, I
can connect to a https server without problem. Just pull-in TIdHTTP,
TIdSSLIOHandlerSocket, TIdCookieManager, and login to the server. Then
everything works fine.
But now, the server has certificate mechanism. Also I have got a
.pfx file and installed to my IE browser. In the browser everything
works fine. But how can I recode my program with Indy to work with pfx
file correctly. I think TIdSSLIOHandlerSocket::TIdSSLOptions is the
key point but I don't know how. The only thing I know is converting
.pfx to .pem with openssl.exe. It seems I have to put .pem file in
TIdSSLOptions and have some proper setting? CertFile, KeyFile,
public/private key, ..., I don't know what these things are. What a
could somebody help me, thanks.