Can I inherite a COM+ interface?

2004-02-25 09:57:41 AM
Dear all,
I have several transactional objects, they implement the same interface.
For some methods of the objects are identical, I want to implement these
common methods in a higher level class, then derive these transacational
objects from this common class. The problems are:
1.For each concrete business class, I have to manually modify its
declaration to inherite the common class. But if I use the type library
editor to view/edit the tlb file, it modifies the concrete class's
declaration & discard my modification
2.After I build the project, I use Windows' component services manager to
install the dll, but it reports "runtime error 217 at xxxxxxxx"
How can I fix these problems? Is my idea feasible? Or is there a better
design? Thanks for any clues & advises.