Re: commit problem

2003-08-24 07:37:48 AM
Cristian writes:

i have a appl. in D7. When I insert/update/delete an row from a table (using
stored procedure)the change only apply when I close the application. Ex:
table person
field name = 'Dan'
Update ....... name= 'Mike'... . In my appl the update appears but when I
connect to the database from ibconsole no change is made. I close my appl.
and the change appears.
I used TIBStoredprocedure and TIBQuery with commit transaction but no

It sounds like you are not calling commit. IBX does not auto commit for you.
The Default Action fires when the IBTransaction is destroyed and that defaults
to commit.
Any ideea or link to some documentation will help.

Thanks Cristian
Jeff Overcash (TeamB)
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