Re: Wanted: Entry Level Job Brisbane, Australia

2003-07-06 02:46:50 PM
Hi David.
I'm in Brisbane too.
I don't have any work for you, but suggest that the best thing to do would
be to program some small (preferably useful) apps for yourself in Delphi,
possibly for the legal profession, and if they would be useful to others
distribute them as shareware or freeware over the internet. Look at your
everyday legal work, think what sort of app would make a difference where
you work.
This will let you build your Delphi experience and skills before you nail
your first f/t job. I think most Delphi developers are self-taught and move
fairly rapidly to contracting.
The job market is perhaps a bit like going for a bank loan - if you don't
need a loan (have lots of money/capital), lenders will be throwing
themselves at you. If you have great skills (could pick up work anywhere)
then the jobs will find you.
BTW, while Delphi is great and probably the best development environment
around, from a purely jobs perspective I would learn C# / .net first,
particularly ASP.NET. There will be lot's more work there, and also you get
in on the ground floor - it is new, and they cannot ask for people with 5
years .net experience because such people don't exist. You can be much more
competitive there with newly acquired skills. And C# is developed by the
original architect of Delphi.
Lauchlan M
"David Downie" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes
I'm interested in hearing about any entry level Delphi development jobs
going in Brisbane, Australia.

I have a 4 year comp. sci degree (Class I Hons, University Medal, UQ), and
months commercial C++ experience (Canada, 98). I don't have any specific
Delphi experience, but am very keen to learn Delphi hence this post. I
also worked with Turbo Pascal (my own products) and ADA-95/Modula II
(tutoring at UQ for CS dept.).

I also have an hons law degree (Class IIA, UQ) and have worked (and am
currently working) as an IT solicitor with a national law firm (4.5
While I am not looking for a legal position, these skills may be a bonus if
you need someone to chat to or want someone with good communication

Basically I am looking at moving out of the law and back into computer
science (and specifically Delphi) out of interest.

Please give me an e-mail if you think you might have something that could
benefit us both. I am going interstate for a couple of days, but will be
back Friday.


David Downie
david (at) downie (dot) net