Custom DevExpressGrid

2003-09-20 05:57:04 PM
Hi List,
I want to derive one component from DevExpress grid (TcxGrid).
Case 1)
When I derive the component from Tcxgrid(when DevExpresssQuantumgrid
is installed on my system) it works fine.
The required packages were cxLibraryVCLD7, dxThemeD7, cxGridVCLD7,
cxExportVCLD7, cxEditorsVCLD7, cxDataD7.
This component works fine.
case 2.)
I uninstall the devExpress from system and try to create the component
from source which gets copied while installation devexpress grid after
compiling above packages. If I try to drop the my custom component on
the form it gives me access violation in module vcldesigner70.bpl .
Could anybody tell me where I am wrong.
Shishir Kumar Mishra