D5 FatalError: not found System.pas

2004-04-07 05:17:03 PM
My Delphi 5 was installed at disk D: and worked perfectly under WinXP
After installation another Windows XP at C: and another Delphi 5 there
(both works fine) the first Delphi opens normally but even in the
simplest situation (no programming, just File-New Application;
IDE reports in Compiler Messages Window:
[Fatal Error] Project1.dpr(1): File not found: 'System.pas'
The file is there, no problem to open it from File - Open menu of IDE.
CRC-32 check of all files in Delphi directory shows that they are
not corrupted (the same as in a good Delphi).
Can you explain what's the matter?
Thanks in advance.