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Web Services Broken

2006-06-21 02:28:18 AM
I just upgraded to D2006 to do a project for a client consuming a .Net
based web service.
It is utterly broken. I have a tool for interfacing with the Service on
a very rudimentary level and can see what the SOAP envelope is suppose
to look like and the one produced by THTTPRIO has lots of extra stuff
that looks completely wrong.
The documentation stinks. Most of the properties don't have help for
them and no examples.
If you need to interact with .Net based web services, DON'T USE DELPHI
win 32.
I would love someone to drop buy and help the two of us that are stuck
in the webservices.soap forum and prove my above statement wrong.
Thanks to Dave Nottage for the help he has provided so far.
Here is hoping to hear from you soon.
Thomas Miller
Chrome Portal Project Manager
CPCUG Programmers SIG Chairperson (formally Delphi)
Delphi Client/Server Certified Developer
BSS Accounting & Distribution Software
BSS Enterprise Accounting FrameWork

Re:Web Services Broken

If you need to interact with .Net based web services, DON'T USE DELPHI
win 32.
Random resolution attempt, but you wouldn't be using UTF-8 encoding and
bumping into the .Net SOAP client bug with UTF-8 XML?
For MS .Net SOAP consumers, if you want to feed them UTF-8 encoded XML,
you have to generate non-standard XML with some special characters at
the beginning, characters that you have to strip away if your talking to
other SOAP W3C-compliant clients (or they will bark at malformed XML).