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Re: Delphi stock market application speed

2006-08-17 03:19:12 AM
Hoi Alex
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Re: Delphi stock market application speed

1. Depends what type of delphi executables. Win32 is naturaly faster
that .NET. As for Delphi for .NET, I guess is should be about the same
speed. They both run as .NET executables so it is really up to the
framework to execute the code.
2. Would not know as I have written almost no code in Delphi for .NET.
Only C#.
Ali Chambers writes:

I've written a programme that processes stock market price data in
VB.NET 2005 Express. I have optimised the code as much as possible, eg:-
using arrays, not passing parameters to functions, etc... It uses
mainly floating point arrays to calculate data.

The code is slow because it is processing large amounts of data many
many times.

I'm considering porting it to Delphi, hence my questions here:

1. Are Delphi executables still a lot faster than VB.NET?

2. Is it easy to port code over?

Many thanks,