Type library compiler error again

2003-08-05 03:32:43 AM
I am getting a compiler error in an imported type library file that has
worked before. What I have done is updated the application that has the
.tbl files. Then to get the new _TBL.pas files into D6, I go to
Project|Import Type Library, find the tbl in the list, then click the
Install button and install each in the dclusr.dpk package. Since all of
these were installed before, Delphi 6 will ask if I want to overwrite and I answer
yes. Each is installed, but it will ask me to remove the .pas file before
it installs. One of these tbl's will give the message Type mismatch, an
error occured while referencing a user defined type. This may be caused by
a missing or unregistered type library.
These have all been working before and I have made no changes to the
_TBL.pas files for any of these. The compiler flags the line:
function Get_Windows(out Windows: Windows): HResult; stdcall;
It is trying to use Windows as an object evidently because it wants to see
something like Windows.Something as the type for the out Windows.
What am I doing or not doing that is causing this?
I installed the update for the SolidEdge V14 package that I am using
following all of their instructions and am installing the type libraries as
outlined above.