DCOM server

2003-11-10 03:43:32 PM
I have a DCOM server where the COM objects can be created by various
clients. In some cases if the client dies (crash or whatever), the
object stays alive in the server. Through experiments I have found out,
that the objects get free'd automatically after 6-12 minutes and
everything seems to be fine. Now my problem is I have a customer, who
claims that the dead objects are not getting free'd at all.
But where is the 6-12 minutes defined? I haven't done anything to get
this behaviour, so maybe there is some OS setting? I am using W2K Pro.
Could it be different on the W2K server?
I should also say, that it was quite hard to test this. Only when I
wrote a delphi client application and killed it with Ctrl-F2 during
debugging, I could observe, that the objects were free'd later. In all
other instances, the objects were free'd immediately.