Problems with OLE automation and Excel '97

Last year, our company started to use OLE automation, in order to control
Word and Excel from Delphi.
This was quite successfull until the 97 versions appeared on the market,
together with Delphi 3.
Word continued to work fine, while the Excel object couldn't be created. Let
me explain that:
Normally you would have something like this:
  Excel :   Variant;
  Excel := CreateOleObject('Excel.Sheet');
After you had given the command 'CreateOleObject', you would either get an
OLE-object or an exception.
Delphi 3 came and the OleAuto unit was replaced by the ComObj unit, but both
supported the same methods. With Excel'97 the trouble began. After I had
given the command 'CreateOleObject' the variant (or OleVariant) was still
unassigned, but Excel was loaded into the main memory (by this command). No
exception, no nothing. I wonder if anyone has also encountered this problem
and found a solution for it. Right now we keep replacing ComObj by OleAuto,
but as OleAuto is not allowed in packages it's a very clumsy solution. And
we still don't know if it's Delphi's or Excel's fault.

Milan Seybel,
Kraan Bouwcomputing Software Rotterdam