threads and memos - blocking though synchronized..

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>Jan Rosinowski wrote:

>> hi,

>> i've written a small, mutlithreaded d2-application which uses one
>> thread to log the other threads' results. the problem: the main-thread
>> (or program) locks, if i add a message to a memo on a pagecontrol thru
>> the synchronized dosync-procedure of my logthread.

    Pay close attention to what Delphi tells you -- from TThread help :

 "Any methods that access a VCL component and update a form must only be
called from within the main VCL thread"

    Which, if you need translation, means you can't touch the screen from
spawned threads. TThread comes with a suitably unusable function to solve
this problem : "synchronize".
    If you want to pass any variables to the function that you're
synchronizing, I'd suggest POSTing a windows message to the form that you're
modifying. You can pack 6-8 bytes (depending on the OS...) of static info or
pointers into a message record.

    Speaking of which, does anyone know how to handle this problem on a
higher level?  This technique gets very redundant if you do a lot of this,
but I have not been able to come up with anything else.

P.S. I'm moving this thread along to "MISC" where IT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS. Pay
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