Embedding a DLL′s Panel in a EXE-Panel

Hi there,

i usually create some DLLs to my Apps, which contain one or more

I then perform a call to the DLL, which creates the form an assigns the
of a alClient-aligned Panel of a DLL-Form to a given EXE-Panel, so that
the DLL-Panel is embedded in the EXE-Mainform.

This works well, even with Panels from out of any Delphi-DLL, as well as
Panels of the Main-EXE ...
    but only in Delphi 4.

In Delphi 5, i now got the problem, that Panels of the Main-App could be
easily be embedded as described
above, but not those from the DLL. (as a fact, the behaviour of my old
D4-Apps is now totally different
when recompiled with D5)

I could assign

    DllForm.Panel.Parent := ExeForm.Panel

but it does not appear. :-(

When i then assign another EXE-Panel the same way, the DLL-Panel is
visible true, but
some of the Keystrokes do not work (mostly the TAB-Key ... it jumps out
of the Panel-Controls
to somewhere in the Main-EXE).  :-((

Does anyone know, what has changed between Delphi4 and Delphi5 ?

Any ideas for a fix or workaround ?

I would appreciate any hint on this problem.