TComboBox and ContextMenu -> Delete

Hi outa there !

I#ve got a problem with the standard context menu of an Edit-Control within
a combobx. Normaly usrers can activate context menu with right-click over
the inplace-edit of the combo. Within the menu there is an item > delete <
to delete the text in the edit.

So i wish to have control over the deleting and in fact before ! the normal
deleting is done. I need to delete an item in the corresponding listbox. So
normaly i choose an entry from the listbox into the edit of an combo. Next a
user maybe found the entry is wrong, he need to delete the entry from the
listbox and try to do this with the context-menu's delete-option. But only
the edit's text will cleared, not the listbox entry who was selected first.

Hope somebody would help. I trtyed to catch WM_CLEAR if fired, but without
any response. I think there is to use the edit-control within the combo to
handle the deleting ?

Many thanks folks.
Volkmar Gro?wendt