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TIBEvents, interbase event, server down..


has anyone some experience with the IBEvents, and the interbase events ??

We had a good working program running on several systems of our customers,
but we recently added two things (for ibevents) , and are now dealing with
all kinds of troubles. We tried to pinpount the problem , but we just dont
get it.

we use / have

-windows NT server, running IB 6.0.1
-delphi5 client app , IBX 4,52
- tcp ip

Short error description
 - seeting -> IBEvents1.Registerd := True

gives us

 - error on clientside : [failed to establish a second connection for event
processing] (applicatino
 - error on serverside : IB Server 6 is dead fter registered := true.
really dead.. restart services wont work...

Long error description (sorry, its quite long..)

we added to our database and application:

1. triggers for a table :
   after update, after delete, after insert,
   with position just high to be last,
   with only one statement : post_event 'chang'

2. dropped a TIBEvents on our DataModule of our application
   linked it up to the ibdatabase,  added the event in the stringlist
   tried both autoregister, and registered manually

After deploying this solution to our customers , some customers work with it
for an hour, some for a day , some have even no problems..

Problems that arise , some findings, some thougts :

- problems occur someone starts the application, more specific : when
ibevents.registerd:=true is called..

- its looks strange but : its not always happening  !!! sometimes it works

- Users get error while starting the program
  -  EIBInterbase Error
  -  failed to establish a second connection for event processing

- on server side
  - ib server has died
  - no responses at all
  - cant stop service in service manager !!
  - most of the time i can stop it with a kill.exe
  - worser : in some cases i had to do a forced kill, using by : kill.exe -f
ibserver.exe (without the -f wont


thoughts and questions

- what on earth is the NTSERVER.EVN file in the serverside interbase dir ???
it looks to me that it has something to do with the registered events , or
am i wrong ?

- as soon as i delete the TIBEvents from my datamodule , all problems
dissapear. !!

- looking at the failed to establish a second connection error .. why is
that ?? what is it actually means ?? database in single user mode ? we did a
restart database from the ibconsole . is it TCP/IP related ?? we are not
using tcpip packet filters , but in this time, we think its indeed something
with tcpip / we hope.. capacity / speed problem ? nope.. we have totally
different server ranging from single pentium II 333 to dual pentium 1 Ghz,
from 128 mb to 1 gb mem, etc..

To get it back to work (i mean working for unspecified amount of time..)

- a simple stop / start wont help at all
- a kill and restart of interbase - wont work for the events, but ofcourse,
with ibconsole you cn connect and perform selects, etc..
- kill, delete ntserver.lck , ntserver.evn , restart - wont work for the
events to get that working
- all above and database backup / restore - wont work for the events either

- the only solution is a windows nt server reboot..

i really really really hope, somewhere out there, is reading this story and
things : hey, i know what the problem is..

many thanx in advance.. need more details ?? please ask ..


Lucas Vos
The Netherlands


Re:TIBEvents, interbase event, server down..

It looks like the server is running IB 6 but are the clients on IB 6 Client
as well.
I had similar issues when the client was still running IB Client 5.6.

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