*** Urgent: DDE / Delphi / ReportSmith - "Kurt Elmiger" ***

Hallo Delphi / ReportSmith / DDE specialist's

I develope an delphi application and use the ReportSmith to calculate and
printout reports.

My intention is as following:
In a loop I like to calculate 0..n variable couples, send the couples by DDE
to the ReportSmith, start the ReportSmith runtime and printout the different
report for every variable couple.

My problem is as following:
In my loop I can start the ReportSmith only three times. After three times the
connection between my Delphi application and the ReportSmith seems to be
closed. That means, I get maximum three reports. After that I have to stop
and start my applicatiation again that I can generate and printout the next
three reports.
Below you will find my implementation in short form:

   VeranNr, VeranVer: string;
      VeranNr := Table1.FieldByName('VeranNr').AsString;
      VeranVer := Table1.FieldByName('VeranVer').AsString;
      Report1.InitialValues.Add('@VeranNr = <' + VeranNr + '>');
      Report1.InitialValues.Add('@VeranVer = <' + VeranVer + '>');
   until Table1.Eof;

TReport- Component settings

AutoUnload      :       True
InititialValues :       (TStrings)
MaxRecords      :       1000
Name            :       Report1
Preview         :       False
PrintCopies     :       1
ReportDir       :                               (DDE)
ReportName      :       Gemeld.rpt
StartPage       :       1
Tag             :       0


If you know where the problem could be, please let me know by E-Mail.
Thank you very much for every help in this matter.

Best regards,
Kurt Elmiger from Switzerland,   E-Mail :   k...@esec.mhs.compuserve.com