Cursor problem using sorted PDOX35 tables

First, some background information....

I'm using 16-bit Delphi to access a Paradox 3.5 table.  The table uses a
primary index.  The "Level" parameter for the Paradox driver in the
idapi.cfg file (which can be changed via the BDE configuration program) is
set to "3".

Now for the problem....

I access the table via a DBGrid.  I then sort the table based on a
secondary index.  I move the cursor to a non-keyed field and change the
value.  Upon posting the record, the cursor always jumps to the very first
record in the table!!  Why does it do that??  This becomes a real pain when
trying to edit a block of records in sequence.  The only exception to this
is a situation such as pressing the down arrow key to post the record.  In
that case, the cursor ends up on the second record in the table (it jumps
to the first record and then moves down one).

Can anyone tell me how to fix this??  What is going on??

Please send replies to AND

Thanks in advance!