Help Needed on Dynamic Testing of Resource DLLs

Hello Delphi community,

In the past few days now, a number of messages have been posted on
similar topics, (e.g. "localization" by AGENDA, "resourcestring" and
"Attn TeamB: Internationalization problems..." by Andreas Goetz), but
none of them were properly adressed or even answered so far.

I have personnally answered Andreas Goetz, and had no problem in
creating resource DLLs. However, consider now the following :

Delphi 4 Pro's help files on that subject are inaccurate when it comes
to dynamically testing the resulting DLLs created with the Wizard.
Units, functions or procedures to accomplish this task are no longer
supported in Delphi 4, or have been re-defined to unknown ones.

For your convenience, an excerpt from these files follows :

? In addition to locating a resource DLL at application startup, it is
possible to switch resource DLLs dynamically at runtime. To add this
functionality to your own applications, you should include the unit
ReInit ( NOT FOUND ANYMORE ) in your uses statement. In order to
switch languages, you should call LoadNewResourceModule ( THIS HAS
BEEN CHANGED TO LoadResourceModule ), passing the LCID for the new
language, and then call ReinitializeForms  ( NOT FOUND ANYMORE ). For
example, the following code switches the interface language to French:


if LoadNewResourceModule(FRENCH) <> 0 then

The advantage of this technique is that the current instance of the
application and all of its forms are used. It is not necessary to
update the registry settings and re-start the application or reacquire
resources required by the application, such as logging in to database
servers. When you switch resource DLLs the properties specified in the
new DLL overwrite the properties in the running instances of the
forms. ?

Can anybody bring us OUT OF THE DARK HERE ? Any valuable input from
experienced Delphi programmers will be greatly appreciated here.

Kind regards,

Carl Villeneuve