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Word 97 & OLE , I need help

Hello everybody,
I have a form, a TMainMenu and a TOLEContainer droped in.
I created an MS word Object. When I run the application it show msword
on this form, the form is looking like MSWord but the "FILE" menu and
the footer are missing. How can I put again the missing parts.

The problem came from one of my old applications. Everything was OK with
Delphi 2.0 and MS Word 95. If I press the related button to activate OLE
, it was running on a separete window like a real Word application, but
now !!!, it is trying to run MS word on the TOLEContainer box. To
simulate the previous one, I put the TOLEContainer on an empty form with
ALIGN CLIENT option, but the problems occured.



Re:Word 97 & OLE , I need help

If you want to run a regular copy of Word then don't use a TOLEContainer. In
A TOLEContainer you're loading a Word "Document" not a Word "Application".
This is why you're losing the File menu. See "Newbie Word OLE Question"
thread from 7/6/98 on how to properly spawn Word.

Joel Milne

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