Open source Java/Delphi bridge code

Greetings, Friends.

I just put my JNI Wrapper code for doing delphi-java mixed language
programming on sourceforge. The sourceforge site is:

For those seeking instant gratification, there are two things you can download
there: the latest version of the JNI wrapper code and also, the SmartJ source
code, which is a substitute java launcher that is quite useful and was written
using the aforementioned JNI wrapper code. (To build from the SmartJ source, you
will need the JNI wrapper code and the Delphi compiler. The prebuilt SmartJ
binary is still available from the Revusky hacks page in my sig below.)

All of the above is available under a BSD-style open source license. The
JNI wrapper code (some of you may be familiar with it) provides Object
Pascal classes that wrap the JNI (Java native interface) so that it is
easier to deal with.

Particularly now that kylix (Delphi for linux) is here, I think there are some
interesting possibilities for extending this kind of work, and it would be nice
if I had some collaborators to help and to motivate me.

If you're interested in this kind of Delphi/Java mixed programming, I
would encourage you to join one or both of the the mailing lists that I
have set up on sourceforge. At the very least, you can lurk and stay
informed about what is going on -- assuming anything is going on... ;-)
Here is the direct link for that.

Jonathan Revusky
If you want to...
- make your .class files double-clickable with SmartJ
- do Delphi/Java mixed programming with easy-to-use JNI wrapper classes
- build robust web applications with the Niggle Application Framework
check out the Revusky Hacks Page: