Where can I download BDE v5.0x ?


I am looking for BDE v5.0x do you know where I can download it.
I can't find it anywhere esspecially at inprise or borland BDE download

I am using BDE v4.0 but now I am ready to go for BDE v5.0x. I had downloaded
BDE v5.1.1 from borland site but v5.1.1 is not the full version.

Btw, I use the usual installshield to delivery by application to client PC
with BDE selected. but when I installed the application, the BDE
Administrator does'nt have INTERBASE optial during the Alias creation. What
could be the problem, could it becouse of I don't have BDE v5.0x installed
on the PC while building the installshield.

Need help, Urgent, Thank You,

Eric Tew