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DBMemo in report builder pro


I have a problem with printing a varchar data with 50 characters using
DBMemo in report builder pro.
I want to split the data into 2 lines if for example more than 25
I set the DBMemo's stretch property to true, and detail bottom line's shift
with parent property to true.
But seems like it didn't work. What happened is the detail band height
became very messy.
Where I want it to be 2 lines, it gave me 1 line, and where I want it to be
1 line, it gave me 2 lines.

Can somebody help me ?




Re:DBMemo in report builder pro

This is a fairly straightforward procedure, so perhaps you should send a
demo of what you're trying to do to and we'll
have a look at it here.

Also, make sure you go through the tutorials in the Developer's Guide if you
haven't already. The second edition of the Developer's Guide is available on
our website ( in PDF format.

In the future, please feel free to post directly to our newsgroups at



Robert Leahey
Digital Metaphors Corporation

Please do not send messages directly to me unless I have requested it.
Please send requests for technical support to

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