Paradox-Index-Destroy after printing with QR

I have written an Application with Delphi 3 and Paradox 7 Tables ( BDE
4.5) for a Network with nearly 20 Stations.
After some trouble with Cached-Updates I removed them and it works -
except after printing large reports with QR2.0j.
When I print a report on one station and some people are working on
other stations (same tables), the Paradox-Indices will be destroyed
(sometimes the Header).
First I thought Paradox has problems with large queries when inserting
on other station, but 10 of the stations getting queries the whole day
and no problems are arriving.
Just after printing these reports, I got trouble ( and loose years of my

Why ?

Has anyone the same problem or (better): Has anyone a solution ?

Giving me some beer, now. Hoping someone could help.


Thorsten Lavid