2.0: Examples of Dropdown Lists in DBGrid Needed

I am attempting to write an order-entry system. I have a table of
inventory items and a seperate table of invoice line items, each of
which should have a corresponding entry in inventory items table.

I want to create a DB grid for the invoice line items that will have a
dropdown list for the inventory item when the user gets to that field.
The dropdown list should show the item's full name and when clicked
place the item code into the grid. This seems reasonable, but has thus
far eluded me.

Not having worked with the previous grid much, and having a hard time
understanding the Delphi 2.0 documentation, can someone give me some
tips on making this work?

From what I can gleen from the docs, I need to setup a lookup field, but
I've tried all possible combinations of this and am getting nowhere. I
sure wish the manual had better examples.
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