New Commercial Indy Support Available

Excuse the "Ad" but its very Indy related so I hope it's tolerable. :)

Need an Indy Expert? Atozed Software has them:

Chad Z. Hower - Original Author and Project Leader
Hadi Hariri - Project Co-Leader
Doychin Bondzhev - Prominent Team Member
The Indy Experts program provides you with the commercial support that you
require to back up Indy's open source nature.

Indy Experts Support provides your company with priority e-mail and phone
support in a very cost effective manner.

Indy Experts Support includes:

Priority e-mail support
Optional phone support
Direct access to Indy authors and project leaders
Custom code snippets and small projects

Chad Z. Hower (a.k.a. Kudzu) -
      "Programming is an art form that fights back"

IntraWeb & FinalBuilder -

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