BDE components MUCH faster than IBX compontents ???

Hi All,

I am trying to evaluate the possibility of replacing normal (well, woll2Woll ) qry
components with the new ibx components but the new components are performin almost an
order of magnitude more slowly! What am I doing wrong?

I have a test database on a remote win95 server on the same local tcp/ip network.

with bde components I can retrieve a record from a 10,000 record table using three
indexed fields in about 1? seconds; however using a TIBDatabase, a TIBTransaction and
a TIBQuery, the revieval time in over 1 minute & 32 seconds!

The query: SELECT * FROM CUSTACCT WHERE custid = :theID
  AND (custdiv IS NULL OR custdiv = :theDiv)
  AND unit = :theUnit


Edward V. Malloy
BBL Leasing, Inc.