*HELP!* 3-Char Oracle DB Name, SQL*NET APPC, and a Delphi C/S 1.0 Application

Very long I know, but we are in trouble, so please read...

We are using Delphi C/S to connect to an Oracle Database from the Win-OS/2

On the OS/2 client we have installed SQL*NET APPC and Oracle's VDMSRV. On the
Windows side of OS/2 we have installed the necessary support files for VDMSRV.

To test the instaliation we installed SQLPlus on both the OS/2 and the Win-OS/2
environments.  Both instaliations connect to *all* databases just fine.

On the Windows side, we installed Borland's BDE and SQL Links.  We created an
C/S (1.0) application to run in this Win-OS/2 environment.  Our application can
connect to *SOME* of our databases.  We just cannot connect to any database
with a name of less than four characters.

For instance, our application connects to TEST just fine, but it cannot connect
to TES, we get the following error:

>General SQL error ORA-06601
>LU6.2 Driver
>Invalid Database ID String. Alias.

SQLPlus can connect to TES just fine.  Our DBAs have spent a lot of time
creating TES and renaming TES is not an option (can't be done?), we would have
to drop (KILL) TES instance and create TEST from scratch.

>(TES and TEST are examples)

We have tried global alias and have *ONLY* noticed the pattern of les than a
three character database instance name.  We also cannot connect to TE for
example. (we have several two and three character databases)

Now for the real puzzel!  We created our application in WindowsNT, our
customers *ALL* 130+ of THEM, are running OS/2.  We have installed the 16-bit
version of SQL*NET TCP/IP and connect to TES just fine from NT!

So it is not a BDE specific problem, only with Oracle APPC connections.

1. SQLPlus for Win-OS/2 running SQL*NET APPC
   connects to TES
2. Delphi Application (16-bit) on WindowsNT running SQL*NET TCP/IP
   connects to TES
3. Same Delphi Application for Win-OS/2 running same SQL*NET APPC       cannot
connect to TES

We have called both Oracle and Delphi on this one.  Oracle claims that it
cannot be an Oracle problem since SQLPlus can connect to the database from
Borland has not encountered this prblem before and had not information on any
problems connecting to oracle databases with SQL*NET APPC.

Has anyone had any problems connecting to Oracle, using SQL*NET APPC and a
three character database name???
Has anyone done this???

Please respond to goe...@nationwide.com.


Any questions about the app are also welcome!  We are also working on tearing
off the presentation layer of our application and replacing it with a 'WEB'
front end.  To prove the technology, three tier C/S, and the reusability of
object code.  (three tier because we also plan in replacing oracle with paradox
just for fun!)  Any pitfalls that you may have encountered along the 'WEB'
front end way would be appreciated.

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