breaking the 256 color barrier ... plz help

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>i am an artist and programmer (primarily the former) who has been
>programming with turbo pascal (5.0-7.0) over the past decade.

>i'm now ready to escape from the msdos 320x200x256 image constraint i've
>been accustomed to working with.  i know turbo pascal 7.0 inside and
>out, i've dabbled in delphi a bit, and i've procastinated picking up "c"
>for years.

>i'm seeking advice on the best way to be able to start doing 640x400 (or
>so) x 16-bit color image manipulation in code -- page flipping,
>transparency (not necessarily translucency) etc.

>i doubt that there's much, if anything, for turbo pascal 7.0, i figgure
>there's probably a bit for delphi, and am certain there's tons for c++.

>what i'm after is libraries and/or sample code that is easy to read and
>can be reverse engineered.  compatible sound libraries would be a nice

>any assistance greatly appreciated.  please echo responses to my email,
>  thanks.

Go to the Delphi Super Page and find DelephiX and also do a web search
for DGC. these are two Delphi DirectX libs.
David H. Bolton