InterDev Problem with Paradox ODBC

Hey..I know InterDev is a Microsoft product...but I'm having trouble
using it with Paradox tables created by Delphi (I'm also building AX
controls for it as well).

Here's my problem...I create a new Paradox database using either the
Database Explorer or the Database Desktop.  I set the Paradox format to
Paradox 3,4 or 5 (doesn't matter which).  I then populate the database
(either with Delphi code or using one of the tools listed above).

Now, when I try to set up an ODBC datasource for use with InterDev
(using the InterDev's wizards), it says everything is fine...until I try
to work with the database.  That's when I get an error to the effect
that the table is not in the expected format.  I don't get this problem
if I use VB 5 (to make Access compatable files), or FoxPro 5.  

Has anyone seen this problem?  Does anyone know of a solution?
I've installed the latest ODBC 3.0 from Microsoft.  Better yet, when I
go into Database Explorer and bring up the ODBC administrator, it tells
me that my DLLs are not the right ones?  

Any help is appreciated.