Class not registered (EOLESysError part II)

I'm using the simpmail.pas internet demo in my application and it gives me
a 'Class not registered' error when I create the form.

I was previously getting an error 'EOleSysError' before getting my 'Class
not registered' but then I double clicked on the OLE.REG in the
\windows\system and that message has now gone away. All I get now is the
class not registered error. I don't know what class needs registering and I
don't know how to register it. Funnily enough I don't get any errors at all
on my development machine only on non-delphi installed machines.

If anyone can help here I think a lot of newsgroup users will get their
problems solved as I've seen a lot of similar problems on the newsgroup
recently with this.

Best regards
Neale Gray